Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Silent Plug - Last Update

I'm removing more dead links. I'm also removing rotations in it's entirety because most of the sites listed are all dead anyway, so what's the point of being in a web rotation when sites are dead?

While on this topic, from the end of last year, I've been pondering on whether to still keep this plugboard up or just shut it down.

Plugboards throughout these years keeps shutting down, and there's no more use for this plug board with the boom of SEO through the advancement of the Internet. I was just keeping it alive for the sake of keeping it alive and a bit because of my old fondness for it.

I have let go of fan listings and cliques I've own throughout the years. This plugboard and my pixel gallery site, are the last of what used to be my fond early Internet memories.

After all this thinking, I have finally concluded to shut this plugboard down. The plugboard will finally be down at the end of March 2017.

To my affiliates and link exchanges, thank you for all these years you have me in your websites. This is not goodbye, since I will still keep my domain, just this one site. If you wanted to link exchange on the main domain, please let me know.

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