Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 2016 Cleanup

First, my updates --

2016/12/14: Cleaned up dead links from affiliates, PermaPlug and the board.

And my ramblings --

It is very rare that I update this plug site, Silent Plugs, but I do update it from time to time.

Due to the the boom of SEO and such, exchange links and plugboards have less use now than it did when I first put up this site back in 2007. It's been almost 10 years.

Given the fact that this site is rarely used anymore by people, I'm considering shutting down this plug site. But i have not decided on it yet. I'll think more about it on my coming holiday break.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Advent Calendar Form

Hello loves,

I received a few emails that my advent calendar form is not working properly.

If you sent me a request before but have not received any reply from me, please send me an email directly at euri (at) beyondeternal (dot) com or send me an email here.

Please indicate which advent dates you did not receive or I can simply send you everything again so it would be less confusing for the both of us.

Please do not forget to include in your email the following information:

Hair color: (Brown, black, blonde or red.)

If you have not yet requested anything, feel free to send your request as well, as I do not have a limit on the siggies.

Happy holidays!


Beyond Eternal


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