Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 2013 Clean Up

I did a lot of updates to Silent Plug today.

I cleaned up the PermaPlug section. I removed 4 sites who removed the reciprocal links from their end or sites that never put them up, for some reason or the other. As per the original rules, sites will be removed without prior notice, but I still sent emails, just in case. Waiting for replies takes time, but I'm willing to wait for weeks (months even, for some), however, I never got a reply from some of the sites.

So. I'm changing the PermaPlug rules from today forth. You"ll have to have Silent Plug's banner up first, before I add yours. I will be willing to wait until about a week, from the day you submit the banner, but that's about it. After a week, if the reciprocal link banner's not up, your site wont be added. You can add a note in the comments area in the application form if you needed more time.

Also, I've added a new affiliate and 2 new listings.

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