Friday, November 12, 2010

Eternal Melody: Yoshiki Fanlisting!

This has been up for a while. I was just lazy to make a post about it. But anyway,  I've re-opened the fanlisting for Hayashi Yoshiki or simply Yoshiki of the J-rock band, X Japan! If you love J-rock, you definitely know the Godfather of Japanese Visual Kei movement.

Re-opened, for those confused, means that someone used to own and manage this particular fanlisting before but then, later on, closed down, for unknown reasons. I sent a request to had another fanlisting made for Yoshiki and it was approved. Of course, I've joined the previous fanlisting, but unfortunately, I do not know the owner and I have no idea of whatever happened to the previous fanlisting, so this fanlisting has to start again from zero.

On to the fanlisting, here's a short intro on Yoshiki:

Hayashi Yoshiki is a musician, a song writer and a producer. He's mostly known as the drummer, pianist and leader of the popular visual kei band, X JAPAN. He also founded his own independent label called Extasy Records. Yoshiki and Toshi, the vocalist of X Japan founded the band when they were in high school, back in 1982. Five years after, they auditioned for CBS Sony that landed then a recording contract and their fist album, Vanishing Vision. 10 years after, in 1997, the band disbanded due to Toshi deciding to leave the band. Yoshiki did solo projects after this and continued his career as a classical musician and a producer. And then, they reunited again after 10 years with a huge 10 year reunion concert and the announcement that they're coming back and heading out for an international tour with a world-wide vision with them.

If you're a fan, please consider joining!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enthusiast 3.1.5

I've finally converted my entire collective to Enthusiast 3.1.5! And by entire collective, I meant 100% of it is converted. Aside from the fact that I haven't had the time to do so these past few months, even if I did, I've been lazy about it and just chose to watch random anime instead. XD

I've tried around Enthusiast 3 from another subdomain before finally moving everything. So you might've noticed a few errors here and there within a few specific fanlistings within this collective, that's all due to the migration to 3.1.5. Converting this entire collective to enthusiast was tedious. For some reason, the Enth 2 to Enth 3 upgrade script only worked at 2 of my fanslitings and didn't for the other 5, so I had to manually edit them though the database. Re-uploading each fanlisting's affiliates too is mega tedious. But, I'm glad it's all over~ x3

While at it, I've also updated GPKISM's discography at Lunatic Symphony.

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