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About Yoshiki

Hayashi Yoshiki is a musician, a song writter and producer. He's mostly known as the drummer, pianist and leader of the popular visual kei band, X JAPAN. He also founded his own independent label called Extasy Records.

Yoshiki's instruments are Kawai Crystal II Glad Grand Piano CR-40A and Tama Drums, Zildjian cymbals, and Evans drumheads. He's also an endorser for the drum equipments and has his own signature model of drumsticks by Tama.

X Japan

Yoshiki is the drummer, pianist and also the leader of X Japan. He and Toshi (vocalist) started X Japan in 1982 when they were in highschool. On December 1987, they auditioned for CBS Sony which ended then, with a recording contract and their first album, Vanishing Vision. They're second album Blue Blood followed 2 years after. After Sony, they moved to a Atlantic Records and Art of Life was released, followed by their third album, Dahlia, in which, in my opinion was the best album of all. In 1997, Toshi decided to leave the band and X Japan was disbanded. After 10 years (2007), they reunited again and did reunion concerts.


Before X Japan was disbanded, Yoshiki already did some solo projects. He was collaborating with other artists and does orchestral arrangements. He released an orchestral version of X Japan's songs and called it Eternal Melody (that's where I got this site's name).

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