Saturday, March 6, 2010

Coffin Thrill: Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting

Introducing, Coffin Thrill: The Vampire Hunter D Fanlisting!

I've recently adopted this fanlisting from Myka just the past month, please join if you're a fan of Vampire Hunter D!

About Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D is a series of light novels written by the renowned horror novelist, Kikuchi Hideyuki. The series also has been turned to anime movies (OVAs), audio drama (drama CDs), game and manga. There will be an upcoming live action movie and anime series in the making according to Kikuchi Hideyuki himself. There are also other published works like short story collection, art books and guide books released for the title.

The story of Vampire Hunter D sets on 12,090 AD, after the nuclear war, in a civilization built by vampires after their own image of what the world is supposed to be like. Though the civilization enables the coexistence of vampires and humas, the humans grew scared of such imbalanced power of the vampires, demons and other genetically engeneered monsters resulting to them needing hired hunters to overthrow the noble vampires. And in this world, D, a dhamphir, comes in as a perfect vampire hunter.

Please see the about page of the fanlisting for more info.

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