Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Updates on KH

This is another update regading KH being down recently.

It's been past 3 days and the domain transfer isn't really working. So I've decided to contact BlueHost's customer service and ask about it. According to them, the domain already expired and there will be no way to transfer the domain. To get the domain back, I'll have to either (1) wait for anotehr 37 days until it expires and register the domain again, but this option does not guarantee me that I would be able to get the domain back because there will be possibilities that other people wants to take te domain as well; (2) I'll have to pay $80 to get the domain back - $10 for the renewal of the domain and another $70 for retrieving the domain because it expired, but this option will assure me that I shall get the domain back.

To be honest, I don't wanna spend that much for KH anymore. Taking aside the fact that I'm already broke, I had spent too much already and I'm already tired. I've been together with KH for that long and its really dying this time and nobody is helping it up. Instead, people are leaving one after the other. I did my best and tried reviving it again and again but my efforts are always futile. This time, I'll have to give it up. Kiatsu wont be here to help me bring it back together anyway.

For the mean time, I'll probably use for the moment and mirror Kawaii Heaven's paid hosting there. But after that, I'm not sure if I would want to re-register the domain itself. Eventually, I'll have to decide if I would still buy the domain after the 37 day reservation is done. So, I'm kinda in that dilemma right now.

Opinions are very much appreciated.

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We've temporarily moved at:


  1. Well, if you REALLY need the domain name, there's not much you can do. If you can just have the domain and upload the KH backup so that things will start working again normally, there's no real point in wasting any extra cash. Just mail members and tell them that the domain changed due to some conditions. I doubt anyone will care about that. In any other case, you can e-mail them and tell them that KH is pretty much finished and they should move to someplace else :p I mean, really, if it were me, I'd probably have kept my cash and let the thing die, if it's THAT dead or if I'm broke (both of which apply now). In any event, there's not much you can do. However it'd be nice if you could have a backup online just so that RPers can have access to their RP posts to be able to save them and continue someplace else, if the thing's gonna close completely in the end.

  2. Well, why don't we register the domain then? Is that not a good alternative?

  3. Money is the problem. And for a pretty much dead site, it's that much more of a problem. It's just like less than 10 people logging in and posting (if at all). Personally I wouldn't be wasting money on something like that, if there was a need for a forum, I'd get a free site to host it and hope it won't break the site rules and get it deleted. If a forum isn't needed, a group just need a blog if at all, easier to make, easier to maintain.

  4. well what about subdomaining it then if not going for the domain again

  5. I shall register the domain then. Any objections?

  6. npal,
    I think, it's not the money issue anymore. We could always buy a new domain if that would be the case. But then if we buy it, who would take care of it, you know what I mean...

    We have the same thought in mine. I already put it under my domain, temporarily until we get the domain back. ^^;

    Yes. Unless you are willing to take over the new site, I have no objections. But if not, I suggest you not to move it to a new one because it would seem like it's a rip off, you know.

  7. Uuugghh... KH is down again... And even in a worse time than before. >.<
    I guess I can't do anything than wait...

  8. Well, there are many free domain sites and free hosting sites. No need to pay for all those bells and whistles when you can keep KH going on a free site.

    If you want, PM me on gaia and I'll see what information I can dig up for you.

  9. BobCat,
    We're paying the hosting for the bandwidth and disk space because free hosting doesn't suit our needs. We require too much bandwidth, disk space and domain tweaking that most free hosting do not host.



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