Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kawaii Heavens is Not Dead!

At least, not yet.

As you know, Kawaii tenshi-tachi, KH is currently down. The domain is being transferred to a new domain host, atm. Please wait for the domain transfer to get done and it will be back up. It usually takes a 24-48 hours for the domain to transfer and another 24-48 hours for it to entirely propagate the Internet.

We are transferring KH's domain to my domain host. It's usually Kiastu who pays for the domain, but since Kiatsu officially left KH and is under indefinite hiatus and no one knows exactly when she'll be coming back, the domain and hosting fees now falls under me. For me to be able to pay for the domain and hosting with ease, I need to transfer it to my account.

While I'm at this, I would like to thank the following for helping us greatly with hosting our files:


  1. shinigamiweb? was that taken from bleach?

    OMG I love bleach!

  2. Yep. (^_^)/

    The owner is a hardcore Bleach fan. =D

  3. [...] This is another update regading KH being down recently. [...]

  4. is the site finally dead?
    seems to be a dead link TT.TT



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