Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stuff and Updates


Last July, it was announced that Gackt's going to release a Special DVD Box called nine*nine (which is read as "nine point nine"). The Box would include 14 disc of Gackt's live from is first tour back in 2000 until his last one in 2005. The supposed release date of the said Box was recently moved to October 29, 2008. But this release is said to have included an unreleased song called "Justified."

And also, reservation for Gackt's 2009 Calendar has already begun! So if you're going to have one reserved, do it now since they get sold Out pretty easily.

Oh, and Miyavi cut his hair. You can read all about it in his entry at his Myspace blog. He's just so irresistibly cute~♥


And for the updates to this blog crew, I've added 2 new members, updated 2 new crew's URL's and rejected a member.

I would like to take this chance to tell everyone that I've been running this blog crew for more than 2 years now since I adopted it. And I am not running this blog crew out on a whim with not a bit of an idea of what a J-rock is and/or the bands themselves. Even if I do not know each and every single J-rock bands out there, I do have a bit of an idea and that I have my resources to find them. Yes, that would also mean that I would go so far as to listen to an artist's songs just to know if they really do belong in the J-rock genre. Of course, with that, I would at least have an idea of who they are or at least have heard of their names. So take caution because I'm not someone who just approves and approves members to this blog crew without even checking them, you know.


  1. hey there Euri still remember me? :)

    btw, when i load you blog the "" always appear. I think you should know this 'cause when your blog is finished loading, it automatically loads this page.

    i'm not a big fan of Gackt :) oh a calendar? i was expecting something big with lots os flipping pages and pictures of him. but it was a little frame... kinda puzzled :)

  2. uh.. just asking..
    did you miss out Aoi (from the GazettE) from the crew?
    or did you purposely not put that icon (whatever that's called :P) in?



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