Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update After a While

I haven't been updating, for about 2 months now. Shame on me. XD Anyway, I've added another affiliate and one for the PermaPlug.

I would like to add, and make things clear for everyone: you would need to put up a reciprocal link from your site to PermaPlug for your site to be added into. That is to say that your link at the Silent Plug will remain up as long as the link to Silent Plug is kept at your end.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Consecutive Releases

Firstly, for Kawaii Heaven's updates, although it's pretty damn dead at some point, we've managed to release Saving Live Chapter 05 and it's out just a while ago. And I didn't announced this earlier that we also released Saving Life Chapter 04 earlier last month before we ran out of bandiwth. All kudos goes to Kat for all of his hard work. We're trying to save our bandwidth so please take it easy with our servers. XD

As for Eien no Shoujo we've managed to release 2 consecutive chapters of Kisu Yori mo Hayaku - Love 03 and Love 04. And possibly the next chapter soon.

I'm having problems with Utawarerumono at the moment, since the book and the magazine releases has the chapters messed up so I might rename the files we have following the book's chapters. I'm still the one editing it (with no progress at all - you are allowed to blame me only in this case).

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