Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KH Down

Kawaii Heavens is down. Bandwidth limit exceeded. I guess we'll have to upgrade to a higher plan. But I'm broke. _| ̄|○ But before that, did we really had that much of a traffic? Seriously? No one even posts there anymore? Or maybe because this July, we have 2 consecutive releases so there were tons of visits? I'll bet you'll say something like, "Wow! you guys are still alive!" or something like that. XD We are. We just lack drive to go on. Well, at least in my case. XD What am I saying? I haven't even fixed this site or even updated for a while. I just blog to make it seem that I'm alive or something. I'll be on it, when I have more free time though. Really. I'll change that layout too, when that day comes. XD


  1. Hey, I'm confused. Which site is your "official" blog... this one or Tainted Soul? They both seem to be updated regularly.

    I read/write three languages as well... English, Mandarin Chinese (Traditional), and Spanish. My Chinese sort of sucks, though.

    Thanks for the compliment! I shall most certainly continue following your exploits via weblog.

  2. Hope that site of yours works out! :O

  3. It could be too many people direct linking images from that site D: D: You should disable it and see if that helps out, bandwidth is SO EXPENSIVE!



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