Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KH Down

Kawaii Heavens is down. Bandwidth limit exceeded. I guess we'll have to upgrade to a higher plan. But I'm broke. _| ̄|○ But before that, did we really had that much of a traffic? Seriously? No one even posts there anymore? Or maybe because this July, we have 2 consecutive releases so there were tons of visits? I'll bet you'll say something like, "Wow! you guys are still alive!" or something like that. XD We are. We just lack drive to go on. Well, at least in my case. XD What am I saying? I haven't even fixed this site or even updated for a while. I just blog to make it seem that I'm alive or something. I'll be on it, when I have more free time though. Really. I'll change that layout too, when that day comes. XD

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Glass Skin, Toshi's New Band and Updates

Glass Skin

On the 10th of September, Dir en Grey is releasing their new single, Glass Skin.

Details are as follows:

2. undecided

※ "凌辱の雨 RYOUJOKU NO AME [LIVE]" is only contained on Initial Limited Version.

【Initial Limited Version】 SFCD-0056 ¥1,260 (tax in)
【Original Version】 SFCD-0057 ¥1,260 (tax in)

Toshi's New Band

There had been a confirmation that Toshi, vocalist of X Japan, formed a new band called T-EARTH. Jun, guitarist of Phantasmagoria and Touya, guitarist of Charlotte, seemed to be a part of the said new group. Toshi said that the new group aims to give value for nature and children, thus, it's called an "eco hard-rock" band. He also confirmed that this new band will be touring 6 cities in Japan starting from the 12th of August until 4th of September of this year.

Oh, and he also mentioned that X Japan's World Tour will be cancelled because Yoshiki is said to have been sick. I don't have details regarding the said illness yet. I'll look into this very deeply. I'm seriously worried about it, since this is my Yoshiki we're talking about here.


Anyway, for the updates, Ive added 2 new crews, changed 2 crew's infos and stuff. Then, I'll get back to checking dead links at a later date.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

GPKISM 1st Maxi single [Illuminatum]

There's a pre-sale on the Darkest labyrinth Online Shop of GPKISM is having a pre-sale of their very first Maxi single, [Illuminatum]. 3rd of September, 2008 is the date for the pre-sale and store copies will come out at 17th of  September, 2008.

Here are the details:

1st Maxi single [Illuminatum] / GPKISM
Limit 666 copies
Sep 3rd, 2008 Online shop pre-sale
Sep 17th, 2008 in store

01. Illuminatum
02. Infernum
03. Ultimatus
04. Kenosis

Friday, July 4, 2008

誕生日おめでとう Gacktさん!

Today is Gackt's birthday! 誕生日おめでとう Gacktさん!I love you!

I even wrote him a fan letter for his birthday! OMG OMG! O(≧∇≦)O And I even have the guts to send it to his Myspace too. XD

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