Monday, June 23, 2008

Darkest Labyrinth Online Store

Okay, I'm back! And more GPKISM love from me! <33

First, there are GPKISM stuff such as photo sets and albums available at the Darkest Labyrinth Online Store, please drop by there~ The prices are already converted in USD, the last time I checked.

Then, secondly, there's the new GPKISM Official Street Team to unite all GPKISM Street Teams. You might wanna take a look at it too. I've added it's link to my GPKISM links list too, of course, and so goes the new GPKISM Street Teams I found around.


  1. what is this online market??
    wonder what does it sell??

  2. It's not an online market. It's an online store. It sells stuffs like CDs, photo sets, and anything related to Darkest Labyrinth that can be sold. XD

    Darkest Labyrinth is a record label in Japan who's artists mostly falls under J-rock (J-goth, J-Industrial, etc). ^_^

    I'm pimping and vouching for GPKISM! Please Buy their CD! They're a great band! ^_^

  3. he is so cut i read a lot anime n i think that japanise boys r cute



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