Friday, April 25, 2008

Lunatic Symphony: A GPKISM Fanlisting

I have made a fanlisting for GPKISM! And I named it Lunatic Symphony! If you're a fan of GPKISM, please consider joining! (^_^)/

I wanted this to become the official fanlisting at some point, but of course, I'll have to ask GPK for permission. Well, anyway, here's the site's layout:

Yes, yes, it has this Gothic elegance aura, doesn't it? I am very happy with how it turned out, honestly. I'm so happy with it that it makes me want to cry in self amazement. When I got this done, I actually told myself vainly, "Damn, sometimes, I amaze myself." *lol*

It took me a few minutes to crop out each and every image and about 2 hours rearranging the beads here and there to arrive at the point where I could be satisfied with how it looks. And the rest of the day, as well as the rest of another half day, was spent thinking of a name that would fit GPKISM at some point.

When I was making this, I have this desire of wanting it to look something dark and elegant at the same time, simple and clean looking. I spent a few hours cracking my mind on what to do, but then, I couldn't think of a way to show it. I came to a point where I wanted to just draw GPK to let off my frustration, but I was so damn frustrated that I couldn't even draw him properly anymore. I was constantly bugging Jeoffrey that I couldn't draw GPK and ended up working because I couldn't do anything, anyway. Then by around late afternoon that day, the idea of "what about GPKISM as a point of view of a fan?" suddenly hit me. Since I am a fan, it'll be quite easy to make. And then, I made it like that with GPK and Kiwamu's pictures over their CD and of course, my selfish love for Venetian Masks and roses (the rose is dead because I love dead things). The rosary beads, however, was added later on to portray my devotion.

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