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GPKISM a Visual Kei, rock band whose music revolves around the mix of Baroque, gothic and industrial sounds.


Gothique Prince Ken or GPK for short, is the group's vocals, composer and lyricist. He's not a Japanese, rather, an Australian (well, he told me so, and yes, I had the nerve to ask and bug him constantly too). His a multi-talented artist. Yes, aside from his musical talent, GPK also does modeling and fashion designing. In fact, he has 2 fashion labels - Neo-Zero and Jardin de Seraphique. Neo-Zero's designs are mostly on the cyber goth genre while Jardin de Seraphique's designs could most probably fall under EGA fashion line. This is, of course, is only my presumption based on the designs I saw. Anyway, GPK was a part of a band called Flood of Rain too, before his GPKISM project started late 2007.

Kiwamu is GPKISM's guitarist (and possible the programmer as well, but I'm not too sure about it). GPKISM is one of his other projects aside from his main band, BLOOD. Well, he is most known as the "Kiwamu of BLOOD" anyway. In BLOOD, Kiwamu plays guitar, does the VJing and also programs. Aside from being the the leader of band, he also does the art direction and publication designs for BLOOD, yes, this includes the CDs, booklets, flyers, websites, etc. As you can see, like GPK, Kiwamu is also a multi-talented artists. In fact, he's like a artist in full package.

Ryonai is GPKISM's live keyboardist. Oroginally, he is from a gothic electro industrial band called BLAM HONEY. BLAM HONEY is not only a group that produces beautiful music, you'll fall in love with their album covers, flyers, posters and other graphics too. Ryonai is not only an musicial but a designer as well. He co-owns the brand SUPPURATE SYSTEM which produces different types of accessories and clothing with gothic, lolita, cyber, industrial, festish, and steam punk as theme. SUPPURATE SYSTEM, as a fashion brand, has gain populrity amongst the visual kei movement. Popular visual kei artist such as Mana, Kozi, Kaoru (Dir en Grey) and Kaya wears them, for example.


[Sublimis] 1st pressGPKISM [Sublimis] 1st press
01. Omnia
02. Immaculatus
03. Thanatosis
04. Sublimis
Released: August 15th 2007
[Sublimis] 2nd pressGPKISM [Sublimis] 2nd press
01. Omnia
02. Synthesis
03. Metempsykhosis
04. Immaculatus
05. Thanatosis
06. Sublimis
07. Sanktus
Released: January 9th 2008
[Illuminatum] 1st Maxi singleGPKISM 1st Maxi single [Illuminatum]
01. Illuminatum
02. Infernum
03. Ultimatus
04. Kenosis
Released: Sepetember 3, 2008
[Illuminatum] 1st Maxi singleGPKISM 1st album [Atheos]
01. Immaculatus
02. Thanatosis
03. Metempsykhosis
04. Metempsykhosis ~Omega~
05. Ultimatus
06. Illuminatum
07. Infernum
08. Synthesis
09. Abaddon
10. Sublimis ~Alpha~
11. Sublimis
12. Atheos
13. Sanktus
14. Abyssus
Release: March 4, 2009
[Illuminatum] 1st Maxi singleGPKISM EP [Barathurm]
01. Barathrum
02. Strages
03. Cruor(instrumental)
04. Barathrum (Kalm Remix)
05. Barathrum (Leaether Strip Remix)
06. Barathrum (Monkichi BESPA KUMAMERO Remix)
07. Strages (AKIRADEATH Remix) 08. Barathrum (HimemaniK Remix) 09. Barathrum (BAK XIII Remix)
10. Strages (marlee Remix)
11. Strages (Noir du'Soleil Remix)
12. Barathrum (George Priniotakis Remix)
Released: August 26, 2009
[Illuminatum] 1st Maxi singleGPKISM 1st album [Atheos] 2nd press
01. Immaculatus
02. Thanatosis
03. Metempsykhosis
04. Metempsykhosis ~Omega~ 05. Ultimatus
06. Illuminatum
07. Infernum
08. Synthesis
09. Abaddon
10. Sublimis ~Alpha~
11. Sublimis
12. Atheos
13. Sanktus
14. Abyssus
15. Infernum (Siva Six)
Release: Oct 28th, 2009
[Illuminatum] 1st Maxi singleGPKISM EP [Iudicium]
01. Iudicium
02. Angelus feat. Selia
03. Iudicium~Finale~
04. Iudicium (Complex Mind remix)
05. Angelus (haji (sawDUST in me, -togi*ichigo-) remix)
06. Angelus (Mizuh Remix)
07. Indicium (Sredni Vashtar remix)
08. Angelus (Spectrum-X remix)
09. Angelus (Aural Vampire remix)
10. Iudicium (Shiv-r remix)
11. Angelus (-Shin-Kai- remix)
12. Iudicium (Takuya Angel remix)
13. Angelus (Echostream remix)
Release: Nov 25th, 2009
[Illuminatum] 1st Maxi singleGPKISM 2nd mini album [Sanguis Rosa]
01. Succubus
02. Desiderium
03. Uterus
04. Corpus
05. La folia
Release: September 22, 2010

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