Wednesday, March 12, 2008

GPKISM, Update and Pending Applicants

I’ve added a new link exchange - Jrock & the Visual Kei! Well, it’s a J-rock and Visual Kei blog. I often read that blog too. Oh, and I would like to specially point out that in their current layout version, they feature this new band project called GPKism (more info on my blog - please read it! GPK is so cute! O(≧∇≦)O).

Oh, and with regards to pending members, I’m very disappointed with them. they don’t read the rules at all. You know, maintaining this blog crew is a lot of effort and I’m a single person doing this too. You wont hear any complaints on me with regards to this blog crew, of how time consuming it is, of how tiring it is, because I do it for the love of J-rock. But sometimes, I really have to draw a line here, somewhere, you know. So it’s either you follow the rules or I will not process your request at all.

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