Thursday, May 4, 2006

Win an Award

Site of the Month award will be picked out from the current month's award winners.

Rules for Award Application

Read everything. Rules must be strictly followed. Sites that failed to comply by the requirements will be discarded. No buts.
  • Your site must be in English or must have an English translation at least.
  • You should be the site's owner or co-owner.
  • No sites with pre-made layouts. You sould make your own.
  • No unfinished, under construction, or sites on hiatus while under the process of applying for the award.
  • Leave a valid e-mail address because I'll be using that e-mail to send your award, if you won.
  • Please double check your URL before clicking the "Apply" button.
  • The site doesn't need to be family-friendly or child-friendly, but no porn, illegal and commercial sites.
  • I'll be the one to pick which award you'd get.
  • If you haven't heard from me after a week from the day of application, it means you did not won.
  • If an award is won, your site would get an award image on which you are required to link back.
  • Your site will also be listed on the Hall of Fame, where you could see the sample awards).
  • Putting up a code to this site is not necessary because I'm doing this for your own favor and not to gain traffic to my own. But if you insist, I give my outmost thanks. Feel free to use any of these link buttons.
  • Could you sign my guestbook? I do not require this though, but it will be much appreciated.

What are My Site Preferences?

  • I care less if your site is made of page builders, as long as it works fine in at least one of my browsers then I'll consider visiting. My browsers includes Mozilla, Netscape, IE, Opera, and Avant.
  • A site that loads terribly bad is a big no no for me. Since I'm using a dial-up connection, I'm considering the patience to wait. Even so, it must work within a maximum allotted time of 20 minutes. If it didn't, sorry. Patience is not one of my virtue.
  • I hate sticky caps! tHoU sHaLL nOt tYpE LikE tHiS!
  • Please minimize the blinking images. It gets me irritated. Blinkie and link pages are an exception though.
  • That's all. Give it a try?

Award Application Form

[Form removed]

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