Monday, May 1, 2006

The Law

The Laws exists on this page to be followed. As much as it is possible, it's made to be unbiased in any form. This doesn't limit itself on every pages of this site but applies to everything that is a part of Beyond Eternal and it's network.

The 10 Commandments

A shorter version of the actual rules. Read the detailed version below.
  1. Respect everyone no matter the race, color, religion, beliefs and opinion.
  2. Exercise the freedom of speech; flames included but spams aren't. I do not ban people, don't be the first.
  3. If you don't like it here, leave. You don't have any other option.
  4. I disclaim myself from other people's opinions and/or contents of sites linked from here.
  5. No promoting of porn sites or any other sites related to it and to child abuse and pornography.
  6. All contents are of my copyrights unless otherwise stated.
  7. No Redistribution of my works.
  8. No direct linking from me.
  9. Plagiarizing is bad. Everyone knows that.
  10. Learn to link back and credit.
PS: Please drop me by a note somewhere here to let me know you were here and so I may visit your site as well. Enjoy your visit!

The Scriptures

The longer version of the 10 commandments. Please read everything. It's long but not that long.
  • Respect everyone no matter the race, color, religion, beliefs, opinions etc.
  • We exercise the freedom of speech here. Flames are also welcome, although spams are not. Banning people isn't also one of my good points so I had never banned anyone here. But please, do not make me.
  • Parental Advisory Explicit ContentThis site contains explicit materials that are brought up from one's free thought, opinion and point of view that may be offensive to others. Continue at your will and read at your own discretion. If you find yourself offended here, feel free to click the X button and leave.
  • I accept every kind of comments and I do not ban people in this site. People have their right of speech.
  • I disclaim responsibility for every visitor's choice or manner of wordings, messages or comments left as well as of the arguments that may arise in here.
  • This site might contain sensual substances but it is porn free and is against child abuse and child pornography. So please, do not promote them here.
  • I do not hold any responsibility for the contents of the other sites linked from here. It is outside the boundaries of my territory and they are of their respective webmasters' preferences. I do not hold their minds nor I have the right to dictate them.
  • All contents, unless otherwise noted, were my copyrights. I will take necessary actions if needed, so don't even dare.
  • No stealing of my things and claiming them as yours. Redistribution of them without my consent is also considered as stealing from me.
  • Yes, your are permitted to peek on my codes and I do not require for a credit and a link back for it. I am aware that plagiarizing is a bad thing. Even if I would tell you not to plagiarize my works, would you follow? Of course not. I wouldn't have known you did, anyway. So why take trouble?
  • Direct linking is a big no-no! I provided URLs to some of my images so you can hotlink them.
  • Properties of this site are link ware. That means, if you take anything that belong to this site, link back and credit me for it. Whatever it is, it took me my creativity and time. You don't have to link me back at every page you place my works at. The credits or any page you prefer would be fine. But if you insist, let me give my utmost thanks.
  • If you take anything, could you spare some time to leave a message anywhere at this site? I'd appreciate that. And more to it, I could return the favor for visiting my site.

For reactions, comments, question and suggestions, you have a lot of options around this site where to leave them. In case of flames, I also welcome them with open arms. I take flames as a form of both reaction and amusement. So go on ahead.

Enjoy your visit!

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