Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Mind Twisters

The questions are not exactly a mind twisting. (^^") You can answer as many questions as you wanted. You get a reward image when you answered them correctly.

Note: All answers must be in lower case or small letters. Be careful on what you type.

Update: I'm revealing all the answers because this game is over.

Question 1

* This question is for Filipinos only.

If in Tagalog, "bughaw" means color blue and "luntian" means color green, what is the color orange then?

Answer: Kahel

Question 2

Riddle me this:
Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

Answer: Fire

Question 3

These set of lyrics are taken from which song?

"All I want is freedom,
a world with no more night"

Answer: That's All I Ask of You

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