Thursday, May 4, 2006

Hall of Fame: Site of the Month Award

The Hall of Fame is a list of sites that won my awards as well as the awards I run for application. Other awards I give out that were not here are not for application. Sometimes, I give out these awards randomly to different sites that I really like.

There are sites that are listed here that doesn't work anymore.

Site of the Month Award

The award is self explanatory. ;)

August – Wilterd Rose
September – Erythro Slenderness
October –
November –
December – Angelic Twinkles


January – Wind’s Requiem
February –
March –
June – Keep Me Alive
July – Silent Aria
August –
Septermber – J-Thoughts.Net
October –
November –
December – Memoirs


January – Lively
February –
April – Silent Cross
July – Hayatochi
September – Crescent Dreams
October – Amour Sincere
November – Junk&Trash
December –


January –
February – Dreamscape
March – Scarlet Fall
April – Pearl Vision
July –

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